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Employment reaches another record high

The employment rate is at a record high of 75.3% with a record 32.14 million people in work Official employment figures released on 13 September 2017 show that there are now a record number of people in work, the highest level since the records began in 1971. The figures, released by the Office of National […]

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August Employee Of The Month

August Employee Of The Month Congratulations to Courteney Holmes who is Evolution Industrial’s August Employee of the Month Award winner at Andrew Page in Markham Vale, Chesterfield Courteney is pictured with (left) Abbie Bailey – Recruitment Consultant and (right) Leah Godber- Business Development Manager Here are some lovely words from one of the on-site managers: […]

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Leah and Her Partner Damon Are Climbing Snowdon For Endometriosis UK.

Hi Everyone, PLEASE take a minute to read our Business Development Managers Leah’s story on why Endometriosis UK is close to her heart. Endometriosis is a common condition where tissue that behaves like the lining of the womb (endometrium) is found in other parts of the body. Endometriosis affects an estimated 1 in 10 women […]

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