Almost half of candidates lie on their CV

Almost half of candidates lie on their CV


A fib here, a white lie there, sometimes the line between truth and reality can become twisted and wavy. And for the majority of time it’s permissible. However, lying on a CV is not only unseemly, it’s illegal.

A recent report from Xref, a candidate referencing platform, found that almost half of UK employees lie on their résumé. The survey, which asked more than 1,000 18- to 39-year-olds who are currently employed in the UK, found that a worrying number of applicants have lied on their CV in the last two years.


45% of candidates willingly admitted to lying, with the most common additions being exaggerating their work experience (36%) or their qualifications (26%). What’s even more worrying for recruiters, is that 48% of those asked claimed they had exploited flaws in the reference checking process, by choosing someone who would give them the best reference rather than the most accurate.


Furthermore, 30% of those that had acted as a referee claimed they had been asked potentially biased questions about the candidate. However, it seems that recruiters aren’t entirely faultless in this, as the report highlighted that only 42% of respondents said that their references had actually been called, implying that many CVs are not security checked.


“As an employer, you know there’s always a risk that people change their work dates or their job title”, said Lee-Martin Seymour, Founder and CEO of Xref. “This kind of deception tends to appear as exaggerated qualifications or misleading professional experience. What’s most worrying is that the real figures are probably much higher as our stats only reflect the behaviour that people were willing to admit to.


“These findings have further validated our belief of the real need in the UK for a better approach to recruitment that to avoids fraud, hiring based on inaccurate data and ultimately, money wasted on unsuitable employees.”

Source: recruitmentgrapevine