25 skills listed on your CV that could be costing you money

25 skills listed on your CV that could be costing you money


Knowing what to include on an ideal CV can be a tricky process. Knowing what to leave out work-experience wise just takes some common sense: an unpaid three-week period at a company years ago for example. However, are certain listed skills perhaps costing you some extra money in your pay packet?

Salary data company payscale.com has compiled a list of 25 skills that tend to relate with lower pay, no matter on your previous experience. The research is concentrated on skills “that workers defined as being the most critical to their job” and within those, identified the 25 with the greatest negative affect on salaries.

And the skill with the worst effect on salaries? Filing.

The 25 skills to consider deleting from your CV:




System repair

Property management

Data entry



Customer service


Online research

Paying invoices

Call centre

Help desk/help support

Document preparation

Phone support




Intuit QuickBooks



Computer hardware technician



Many of the skills are those a potential employer would assume you had anyway: typing, administration etc. But others listed in the research seem stranger, such as plumbing, bookkeeping and customer service. One possible explanation could be that if you’re going for a job and have held positions in the past which obviously involve these skills, there’s no need to clutter your CV with the specifics.

There are also a number of specific computer programmes cited, including Adobe Dreamweaver.

Lydia Frank, payscale.com’s editorial director, says trends for specific software come and go, so you may come across as being outdated to an employer who’s company technology has evolved from the one you listed: “If that’s the pinnacle of a job applicant’s knowledge and they don’t know any newer technologies, it may make [the applicant] seem weaker,” she says.

Source: recruitingtimes.org