The Benefits Of Temp to Perm

The Benefits Of Temp to Perm



For unemployed people continuing to struggle with the search for a full-time job, a temp position might be the best answer.

Be friendly with a take-charge attitude

If a company has a temporary position they have that job for a reason. They have a need, your job is to understand what the company is going through. Why should I continue and why should they pay me to continue?

One of the first steps is meeting as many people as possible. Just being nice to people is enough to build relationships.

Maybe even more important, is being proactive. Most temp workers are hired for a specific task, sitting silently when that task is finished to try and prolong a pay check is the wrong idea. You should let your supervisor know when you’re finished and always asking for additional work!

With a part-time or temp job there’s a beginning, middle and end. Ask yourself what’s next for me? What could I do more?

Real life full-time

That can-do attitude is exactly how Keri Weidner earned her full-time position at the Whirlpool Headquarters in Benton Harbor, Mich.

Weidner was placed at Whirlpool while working with a temp agency, while she didn’t seek out the company Whirlpool, she decided as soon as she got there that she’d like to earn a permanent job.

It took a year before the job turned full-time. The company was laying off the temps in Weidner’s department, so her boss convinced a manager in another department to take her on full-time.

She said: “There’s always free time. I was always asking my supervisor, ‘Is there something else you can do?’ I never wanted to sit around and be bored,” she says.

It’s been nine years since Weidner was promoted to full-time. She’s now back in the same department she started as the Senior Trade Partner Support, coordinating all Whirlpool contact with stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot.

She said the best part of her promotion was the security and knowing she wasn’t going to be laid off. The full-time job also came with the major benefits of paying for her education. Weidner started at Whirlpool three months after her high school graduation. The company paid for her to earn her associate’s degree in business from The University of Birmingham.

Many temp workers could end up like Weidner; you just need to be aware that the temp position is really a try-out for a full-time gig.

This is just one story out of many who started off as a temp work and ended up with a permanent role.

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