Candidates failing to turn up to interviews due to poor engagement

Candidates failing to turn up to interviews due to poor engagement



A recent report from CV-Library found that one in 10 (11.1%) candidates have admitted to failing to turn up to an interview.

The research, which surveyed over 1,200 professionals, found that one third of jobseekers (33.8%) failed to turn up to an interview because they decided that they didn’t want the job anymore, while a further 22.1% stated that, following independent research on the company, they had decided that it wasn’t a good fit for them.

What’s more shocking is that some candidates blamed their absences on the company that they were supposed to be meeting, as 8.1% said they hadn’t heard from the interviewer and 6.6% said that the company just hadn’t done enough to keep them engaged throughout the process.

The fact that many candidates are ditching interviews is worrying news for businesses, and often means time and money lost for the company.

It’s quite clear that there are a number of factors which are influencing job hunters’ decisions, on whether or not to attend an interview, and the statistics say that some of the blame is being placed on organisations, but there are some steps that can be taken to correct this and keep candidates engaged.”

The survey also asked what more could be done to keep candidates engaged, to which 45.2% of respondents advised that companies provide feedback, and 21.7% said they should always email them the day before the interview.

17.1% of jobseekers admitted that they thought companies should conduct telephone briefings and screenings prior to scheduling an interview.

Therefore, it’s important that businesses think about the ways in which they can keep job hunters engaged throughout the recruitment process, from the initial screening call, to the post-interview follow-up. Doing so will ultimately place you in a better position when it comes to attracting, recruiting and retaining the very best talent for your business.

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