Do candidates prefer robots over recruiters?

Do candidates prefer robots over recruiters?


Most jobseekers don’t mind talking to chatbots during their recruitment process – but this shouldn’t spark fears about any wide scale automation of recruitment, according to a talent solutions expert.

A survey by Allegis Global Solutions found that 66% of jobseekers are at ease talking to chatbots, as they apply for jobs – with 22% ‘extremely comfortable’ chatting to robot recruiters.


Craig Fisher, Head of Marketing at Allegis Global Solutions, believes this is an indication that “the majority of job seekers are fairly to extremely comfortable interacting with artificial intelligence apps, to answer initial questions in the application and interview process.”


However, almost one-in-five jobseekers remain ‘extremely uneasy’ having their job application overseen, at least partly, by automated recruitment software.


Fisher continued: “This tells us that, though automation appears to be more and more accepted, we must remember to keep a human element in our candidate process.”


And for complicated processes, such as performing as skills assessments or psychometric testing, Allegis found that most candidates would be uncomfortable with artificial intelligence overseeing the tasks.


Although various recent studies have highlighted industries at increasing, and immediate, risk from automation – including transport drivers and receptionists – it appears the sensitive nature of the job-hunting process still sees jobseekers reliant on human recruiters.


Talking to The Telegraph, Adrianna Jenkins of Harvard University, explained that people are attracted to people who think and resemble themselves.

As a brain-scan study specialist, her research could go part of the way towards why candidates aren’t still completely at ease going through the entire job application process with an AI or a chatbot. People are still most comfortable speaking to other people.


However, with some of 2017’s most sought after skills being Natural Language processing – for systems like Siri and Alexa – chatbots and AI task-managers still look like being more widespread.


Yet the advent of systems like Olivia, which makes jobseekers feel like they’re texting a prospective employer, and GoBe, that connects candidates with jobs, there are looming questions over how the industry will evolve in the near future.

Source: recruitmentgrapevine