Facebook Jobs Feature: How it can Speed up Hiring

Facebook Jobs Feature: How it can Speed up Hiring


Facebook’s new job opening feature is here. Since February 15th, it’s become available to all business Pages in the U.S. and Canada. What if your business is in other parts of the world? Still, it’s not time to sit and wait, but to prepare yourself for the massive change Facebook jobs feature is bringing.

Last year when Facebook announced the jobs feature’s testing, we shared some positive thoughts about it. Is it going to be an “I came, I saw, I conquered [the job ad market]” situation? It’s too early to say. But Facebook has finished the first part strongly.


Facebook’s revenue has consistently and heavily relied on the use of ads. And a business usually advertises two things. First: their product or service. Second: their vacancies.

Before Facebook jobs feature’s launch, many companies have hacked their ways to hire millennials by running Facebook ad campaigns with “we’re hiring” content.

Now, Facebook has officially made this easier. Facebook jobs feature opens door to the new generations of the global workforce who spend more time on social media than on job boards.

Business owners with a Facebook business Page can now post job openings to their Page and receive applications in their Facebook Messenger.

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Source: recruitee.com