The ‘Feel-good’ market feeling threatened by ‘ongoing’ lack of talent

The ‘Feel-good’ market feeling threatened by ‘ongoing’ lack of talent

51% of employers believe that a shortfall of candidates is looming, with businesses, who employ over 250 staff, concerned about the sheer lack of viable talent – the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) reports.



In response, 22% of employers plan to hire more permanent candidates in four to 12 months, whilst just one per cent have decided to decrease their numbers.

REC Chief Executive, and Member of Recruitment Grapevine’s Advisory Board, Kevin Green, commented on the discoveries: “There’s a feel-good factor about the UK jobs market. The official figures show record levels of employment, and our data indicates that this could rise even higher in the coming months.

“The candidate shortage is an ongoing issue. This is not a new problem, but the fall-out from Brexit has created fresh challenges. We’re already hearing that EU workers are leaving the UK or turning down opportunities to work here. In sectors, such as healthcare, construction and hospitality, where the reliance upon EU nationals is especially high, employers are worried.”

The report, which had interviewed around 600 employers, found that 59% of those asked had increased their headcount in the last year, whilst 34% believed that the economic conditions are improving. However, 29% believe that the economy is actually getting even worse.

“The government’s U-turn on the Budget reveals a failure to appreciate the consequences of policy,” continued Kevin Green. “Their approach to immigration must show more clarity. Safeguarding the status of EU workers in the UK, in the upcoming Brexit negotiations, would help to allay anxieties amongst employers.”