#Hiring: Can you find candidates through Twitter?

#Hiring: Can you find candidates through Twitter?


More and more candidates are launching their job search journey through their social media connections.


When you think about recruitment through social media, you may first think of business networks such as LinkedIn. But don’t underestimate the power of Twitter. The days of Twitter being used solely for putting out short statuses about life are passed. More people than ever before are starting their job search journey on Twitter.


In recent years, Twitter has seen a massive spike in adults of working age joining the popular social media platform, with 76% of them looking at company profiles for opportunities and 58% of job seekers using Twitter in their job search. So there is a relevant audience actively looking for jobs or to further their career. But how does hiring through Twitter make for efficient recruitment?


Search Keywords


Twitter Ads is an innovative way for online recruitment agencies to target Twitter users in new and unprecedented ways. One way of targeting potential workers is through keywords. These are a tried and tested feature within the industry which maintain their reputation of being an extremely effective way of targeting someone, with Twitter being no exception. When someone searches for something such as a job role or a company name, the keywords will match to this search and display the ad on their device, ensuring the ad is being shown to a relative audience. Keywords can be used to serve ads to specific audiences or large – wide scale audiences when using generic keywords or a broad match modifier.




A new but extremely logical way of targeting on Twitter is follower targeting. Twitter recently introduced this way of targeting and it has proved to be an extremely practical way of ensuring ads are shown to a large amount of relevant people. Targeting different twitter accounts this allows for a digital advertiser to target specific followers and therefore widen their audience pool. We also see that this targeting is unmatched when it comes to targeting rival audiences and diverse and ethnic groups.


Large Scale Recruitment


Another key feature on Twitter ads is event targeting. This allows recruitment agencies to target specific events which their target audience may be attending. This is a fantastic way to serve ads on a large scale to a vast number of people who may be interested in, for example, call centre and customer services roles within a short space of time. Often this way of targeting can result in a high CTR% (Click through rate).


Overall, Twitter ads has completely reshaped the way that the advertising industry works and pioneers the push towards social engagement within recruitment channels. Twitter gets over 335 Billion ad requests every month and serves ads on over 1 Billion devices. Twitter is a global platform which allows companies and recruitment consultants to widen and expand their relative audience and client pool without breaking the bank.

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Source: onrec.com