Honesty is key to interview success

Honesty is key to interview success


The old saying that honesty is the best policy is a word that you should be repeating back to your candidates before their interviews.


According to recent research from University College London, psychologists have found that honest jobseekers are more likely to land their dream role – The Daily Mail reports. The study shows that 92% of candidates misrepresent themselves in job interviews, in order to meet “short-term gains”.


The findings suggest that employers use interviews as a means of weeding out any false information previously given by the applicant, as well as any over exaggerations.


“People are often encouraged to only present the best aspects of themselves at interview so they appear more attractive to employers,” explained Dr SunYoung Lee, co-author of the report, “but what we’ve found is that high-quality candidates – the top 10% – fare much better when they present who they really are.”


However, the same cannot be said of candidates from lower economic backgrounds. The report found that poorer applicants’ honest answers may “simply bolster interviewers ‘misgivings and strengthen their case for rejection”.


Self-verification, the strategy whereby candidates answer questions directly and don’t try to hide anything, is coined by the phycologists as one of the best ways to interview.


“In the job interview settings, the self-verification drive relates to the specific motivation to be honest about one’s personality and work style when interviewing for a job,” Dr Lee told MailOnline.


“It’s also about a motivation to find a workplace where people will accept the person for who he/she is, and to have recruiters know who one really is than have them expect too much of the person.


“My findings suggest that strong self-verification helps job outcomes not for all types of candidates, but specifically for high-quality candidates.”

Source: recruitmentgrapevine.com