LinkedIn Confirms It Will Restore Additional Member Services

LinkedIn Confirms It Will Restore Additional Member Services



LinkedIn has committed it’s time to restoring additional member services, enabling better engagement between recruiters and prospective candidates, which has dropped in a recent redesign.

Back in January, agency recruiters had hit out at LinkedIn over a redesign that affected the way members use free and premium service search functions.

Mark Jury, a recruitment manager even went so far as to launch a petition campaigning for the restoration of services that were later restored.

But Mark left the petition open and in a recent blog, LinkedIn announced plans to restore the following services:

Top vs recent in the LinkedIn feed, giving users the ability to toggle between top and recent posts.

Expandable profiles, this will enable users to more easily view details of a member’s profile, including information on past and present positions, groups joined, and recommendations.

Publishing makes it easier for users to publish, with further insight added into who shares and comments on articles, so users can understand if they are engaging with the right audience.

Mark has said that expandable profile and publishing features were the key services he looks forward to being restored. He also went on and said “Those two in terms of the changes are massively important – they’re the two I really like,”

“If you put a job on LinkedIn or you put a newsfeed about your business – any kind of information that you want to put out there, the issue so far is people don’t feel they’ve been getting the attraction of people looking at that feed. It’s restoring that confidence back that if you put something on LinkedIn, it’s going to be exposed to the level you actually want.

“So whether you’re recruiting, advertising, marketing, so that’s massively important

Source: Recruiter