Is LinkedIn still a viable tool for recruitment?

Is LinkedIn still a viable tool for recruitment?


The age of the tech savvy recruiter is well and truly upon us and no platform has supported that change more than LinkedIn.

However, recent changes to the site have caused something of a rift in the industry, with some recruiters claiming to like the editions, whilst others call for the restoring of the more old-style attributes.

Mark Hopkins, Director at Thomas Lee Recruitment, who looked at both sides of the LinkedIn problem, he gave his prediction of hiring in the future.

“I was here from the near beginning with LinkedIn,” says Hopkins. “I remember because that was the year I started in the recruitment – it’s about 11-12 years ago now. And LinkedIn has still been a good staple for business connections, but over the time I have grown, is it a viable recruitment tool still? Yes, I’ve made some great connections with candidates and managers and have done some brilliant recruitment over the years because of it.

“My worry with LinkedIn is the Myspace irony. In the beginning, Myspace wasn’t even a company, then it became one and then things started changing, the core users crept away.

“Also, Facebook unravelled their users and it’s so crucial that we remember this as much as people shout out about change in any industry they really don’t like staples like LinkedIn to change.

“LinkedIn, as it’s now owned by Microsoft, may very well turn into a Myspace paradox.

“But for the moment it’s still as good as it was a few years ago. However, in my opinion, it’s on the wrong course.”