LinkedIn VP reveals why recruiters are REALLY missing out on talent

LinkedIn VP reveals why recruiters are REALLY missing out on talent

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A LinkedIn VP has claimed that recruiters, and their clients, are missing out on top hires because they’re not advertising their values, mission and purpose clearly enough.

Last summer, the professional networking site found that almost 65% of professionals would turn down a job if they were unsure of a potential employer’s idea or purpose.

Out of those surveyed by LinkedIn, more than half (52%) said when they look for work it’s at a company with values that match their own.

However, Wade Burgess, VP of Talent Solutions at LinkedIn, believes that companies and recruiters could do more to show off their company culture to candidates.

Burgess explained: “Only a small number of hiring professionals reported that the company’s mission and values make it into their job ads or can be found on their website. Likewise, more than half of recruiters (55.3%) don’t even mention values and mission during interviews.”

With the internet and various company review sites making it easier for jobseekers to assemble information on any potential employer, the VP of Talent understands it to be imperative to highlight the company focus aligns with that of employees.

Burgess also adds: “Purpose-driven employees outperform their peers, including how long they stay, how well they lead, how they advocate for themselves and how they work with senior leadership.”

To ensure that recruiters, hiring managers and resourcing staff are aware of these values, they can preach these at candidates, Wade Burgess recommends three things.

Firstly, he says: “Post your mission and values around the building. Take it a step further and incorporate mission and values into internal communications.”

The second thing he said is to place values on the company website as “the first place most candidates go after learning about an open role is the company website. When they get there, the first thing they look for is values, mission and vision, so they should be able to easily find that information.”

Finally, make sure that the “mission, vision, and values are front and centre in the hiring process. From job ads to face-to-face interviews, companies need to clearly state what they stand for and what they’re working toward.”

Wade Burgess has had a nine-year career at LinkedIn. He was previously  the Senior Director for Northern Europe at LinkedIn, managing the network’s recruitment business.

Source: recruitmentgrapevine