Rec industry must lead UK in post-Brexit Britain

Rec industry must lead UK in post-Brexit Britain


Whilst the majority of panic over post-Brexit Britain seems to have diminished, or at least settled down, questions still remain over the future of an EU-less nation.

One industry that will seemingly have to take charge of post-Brexit Britain is recruitment, after a leading business body admitted that any Brexit deal “won’t be worth the paper it’s written on” if companies cannot recruit staff.


The Belfast Telegraph reports that The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has announced that the General Election shouldn’t be purely rooted in the terms of the UK leaving the EU. Rather, the deal should take into account the subsequent skills shortages and the implications the deal will have for recruitment.


“While businesses all across the UK want a good Brexit deal, they are very clear that decisions taken here at home matter as much, if not more, to our future growth prospects,” explained by Dr Adam Marshall, Director General of the BCC.


“The best possible Brexit deal won’t be worth the paper it’s written on if firms cannot recruit and train the right people, get decent digital connectivity, or get their goods to their market.


“At this election, business communities want a clear commitment from all parties to create the best possible conditions for growth, in every region and nation of the UK.


“Westminster must stop and reverse the relentless increases in the up-front cost of doing business in Britain, and give firms the confidence to drive investment, job growth and exports through the Brexit transition

Source: recruitmentgrapevine